Hello everyone and welcome to our feature presentation!

This blog is the product of movie goers and movie lovers! We love the cinema! In fact, we love movies so much, all the contributors to this blog have worked in a local movie theater chain- to include management, concessions, and projection!

Our blog title originates from an actual projectionist term. Back when movies were still in reel format, projectionists would often have to cut and “splice” a movie together to ensure the film ran smoothly through the machine, both literally and figuratively. There was no pause, rewind, or fast-forward back then! In our attempt to review films, we found ourselves cutting and “splicing” movies to their core: scripts, cinematography, acting, etc. We want our reviews to be as authentic and real as possible, so in that, our blog title was born!

This blog is made with the purest love for cinema. It is made for movie goers, movie lovers, movie buffs, and movie fans. We simply want to deliver the best review we can! We know our opinions may not match yours- and that is perfectly okay! We welcome any and all feedback- use the comment sections to your advantage or drop us an email! We hope to hear from you soon!


A little cinema history for you…

As you will see above, our blog photo is a screen capture from a movie titled “A Trip to the Moon”. This was a 1902 French film that traces its origin back to Jules Verne sci-fi novels. This iconic shot- of the space capsule landing in the moon’s eye- is one of the most  referenced photos in the history of cinema!