3 Billboards: Stellar Cast, Stellar Storytelling


Writer’s Note: I am not going to reveal too much about this movie in this review. I do not want to ruin the opportunity for other moviegoers to be taken on an emotional journey. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for? Star Wars: The Last Jedi can wait! You need to experience this movie!

The basic premise of the story is this: Mildred Hayes, in an attempt to get the local police to solve her daughter’s murder, purchases 3 billboards outside of their small town. On each billboard, she writes three statements, basic questions directed towards the town sheriff. This simple, desperate act plunges the cast of characters headlong down intertwining and unexpected storylines.

The two aspects of this film that are paramount: the cast and the script.

Frances McDormand as the grieving mother, Woody Harrelson as the chief of police, and Sam Rockwell as the chief’s 2nd-in-command headline a film that makes you feel for each character involved in this story, an unusual feat for a movie these days. Given most other plot devices, you root for the heroine/hero and you bet against the villain, but in this case, you become invested in each character. This script paints human nature at its most transparent, shows humans at our weakest, and reveals that everyone bleeds, doubts, worries, loves, and loses. Everyone feels.

This movie has already won 3 Golden Globes as I am writing this review! 3 well-deserved awards! I expect this film to be an Oscar contender this season. I can feel it!

My review: 5 reels out of 5.

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