Today’s the Day: Oscars 2018


The countdown to the Oscars has ended! Tonight’s the night!

It is my favorite award show- I just wish that it didn’t extend long into the night- almost 11:00 or Midnight- some of us have to work in the morning, Hollywood!

Despite the long run time- I do think the Oscars gives the spotlight to the often forgotten, yet extremely important aspects of a film. We get so caught up in the headlining stars, the story, even the soundtrack- that we forget there is a whole team of people behind the scenes who deserve recognition!

Granted, I haven’t seen all these films but I wanted to give my best choices for the other nominated categories:

Animated Feature Film: CoCo

Cinematography: Darkest Hour/Dunkirk

Costume Design: Beauty and the Beast/Phantom Thread

*Note: I don’t have the first idea about documentaries and I don’t want to choose one based on the cover alone! Sorry docs!

Film Editing: Dunkirk ( I still think it’s a little crazy that All the Money in the World isn’t nominated honestly- that team had to reedit the film after Christopher Plummer’s NINE DAYS of shooting!)

Makeup and Hair Styling: Darkest Hour

Music (Original Song): Remember Me from CoCo

Production Design: Darkest Hour

Sound Editing: Dunkirk

Sound Mixing: Dunkirk

Visual Effects: Kong: Skull Island

So, what do you all think of the nominations and my choices? Do you agree, disagree, love them, hate them? Comment below to let me know! Thanks!


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