What Just Happened??? My Spoiler Review for Avengers: Infinity War and My Thoughts on Where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Going

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I was overflowing with excitement as I stood at the front of the line for the Thursday night premier of Avengers: Infinity War at my local theater. I had gotten there hours before they would begin seating for the film and I didn’t care. I would be part of a group of lucky moviegoers who would get to experience the culmination of ten years worth of storytelling. I had followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe right from the very beginning and finally every plot point would soon be coming together in a grand nerdgasmic climax to one of the most successful/highest grossing film franchises ever.

When they released the ropes and called for the movie I happily presented my ticket and made my way to the auditorium. I bounced with excitement as the others made their way to their seats, and I checked my phone for the time. Time, as it turned out, had decided to drag itself out as long as possible. I felt each and every one of those seconds as my anticipation grew and grew. I looked around and saw that the auditorium was packed with people. No surprises there, this was a guaranteed sell out.

Finally, the lights dimmed and the trailers started up. Then the Marvel Studios logo started playing and the crowed of people cheered. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

When the screen went black and the credits started rolling there was nothing but silence. We were all in a state of shock. We were all thinking the same thing: That can’t be it. When the end-credit scene played we all gasped and then half of us were left confused. When we all had decided that the film really was over, we all got out of our seats and marched out of the auditorium in a state of depression. The movie was amazing, we could all agree on that much, but the ending had been an unexpected blow to us all. It shouldn’t have been though. We had all gone in knowing that this film would be much darker than what we had previously gotten in the MCU, but we hadn’t expected it to be that dark.


As the title suggests, there are spoilers ahead, so please read no further until you had seen the movie. You may go read my spoiler free review if you’d like, but please do not read this until after you have seen the movie.

Still here? Alright then.

Here we go…


 My Spoiler Review for Avengers: Infinity War

*please note that while I have seen the movie twice, I have slept since I last saw it and might leave parts out because I’m human and I make mistakes 🙂

The film starts right where Thor: Ragnarok left off, which can be a bit jarring if you did what I did and re-watched all of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe leading up to Avengers because there is so much (at times too much) humor in Thor: Ragnarok, and at the start of this film, there is no humor. The Asgardains are under attack. Thanos, The Mad Titan, has intercepted their ship along with his Black Order (Ebony Maw, Corvus Glave, Proxima Midnight, and Cull Obsidian) and has started killing everyone. The only survivors that we know of are, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, and Hulk. It is reviled that Thanos has already gotten the Power Stone from the Nova Corps on Xandar, and now he has come to get the Tesseract, which houses the Space Stone. There is a fight between Thanos and Hulk, which shows us real quick how much of a threat Thanos is because he is able to overpower the Hulk. Heimdall manages to send Hulk to Earth using the Bifrost before being killed. Loki hands over the Tesseract and attempts to kill Thanos, but is killed my the Mad Titan himself. Thanos and his Black Order leaves and the ship is destroyed. All of this is really great because it sets the tone for the whole movie and lets us all know early on that is isn’t going to be like the other Marvel movies where the heroes are all safe from harm. Just within the first five minutes of the movie two major characters are dead. It’s also great because we’ve spent years just seeing Thanos sit in his special chair not really doing anything at all. It’s really nice to see the character actually do something for a change. And Josh Brolin’s performance is so solid right from the start that you know that when Thanos is on screen bad things are about to happen. His performance really sets in that fear that every great villain needs to make you feel.

Hulk ends up crashing into the New York Sanctum and turns back into Bruce Banner. Banner then warns Doctor Strange and Wong that “Thanos is coming.” Strange seeks out Tony Stark and Banner tells them all about Thanos’ plan to use the Infinity Stones to kill half the population in the universe. Ebony Maw and Obsidian show up to get the Time Stone from Doctor Strange (which is housed in the Eye of Agamotto) and a fight ensues. Peter Parker sees Maw’s and Obsidian’s ship in the sky and joins the fight as Spider-Man. The fight ends with Strange putting a spell that only he can break on the Eye of Agamotto and getting captured by Maw. Parker and Stark manage to stowaway on Maw’s ship and it starts to head back to Thanos’ home world Titan. Here we get some great interactions between Stark and Strange and Ebony Maw, in my opinion is a great secondary villain. He is, overall the most developed member of the Black Order (probably because he is given the most to say) and I really love him as a character. I really wish they had of used him in more movies or gave him a larger role in this one because he really intrigued me. Out of all the members of the Black Order, he was the one I wanted to know the most about.

Scarlet Witch and Vision, having started a relationship, are spending some time together when they are ambushed by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glave. They are quickly saved by Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Falcon before Midnight and Glave can steal the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. They all head back to the Avengers base where they meet up with James Rhodes and Banner. Vision suggests that they kill him and destroy the Mind Stone before Thanos can get it, but Rogers shoots down the idea. Rogers then suggests that they go to Wakanda with hopes that the stone can be removed without killing Vision. There’s not really much to say about all of this. There’s a great fight between the Avengers and Midnight and Glave, but other than that it all just served as a reason to get us back to Wakanda and to bring in Black Panther (nothing really wrong with that).

The tone of the movie changes slightly when the Guardians of the Galaxy come into the story, which to me makes sense considering the tone of the two Guardians movies had been very different than the tone that this movie had. The point that I am trying to make here is that when the Guardians show up it starts feeling a little bit like a Guardians movie (which is great if you love those movies like I do). They find Thor floating in space after receiving a distress call from the Asgardin’s ship. He tells them what happened and they agree that they will help him stop Thanos. Thor, Rocket and Groot go to Nidavellir to make a weapon that can kill Thanos while Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Mantis go to Knowhere, where they hope to stop Thanos from retrieving the Reality Stone from The Collector. By the time they make it to Knowhere, however, Thanos already has the stone and kidnaps Gamora before leaving. It turns out that Gamora has known where the Soul Stone has been this whole time and she tells Thanos where it is to save her sister, Nebula from being tortured.

Thanos and Gamora go to the planet Vormir where they meet the keeper of the Soul Stone, who first appears as a figure in a long, flowing black cloak, and turns out to be Red Skull. Red Skull leads Thanos and Gamora to a cliff and tells them that the Soul Stone can only be retrieved by killing someone you love, or as Red Skull puts it, “a soul for a soul.” This moment has to be some of the best character development that I have ever seen on film. Honestly every part of the movie that Thanos is in has some great character development in it for him, which is great considering that we’re been hearing about this guy ever since the first Avengers movie, but we haven’t really gotten to know anything about him other than “he’s bad.” This movie really gives layers to Thanos that the other movies haven’t really given us. In many ways, this is more Thanos’ movie than it is an Avengers movies and I really like that.  Thanos sheds a tear because he knows what he has to do. As it turns out, even though Thanos is psycho-crazy and hell-bent on killing half of all life in the universe, he actually loves Gamora. He grabs Gamora and tosses her off the edge of the cliff to her death. Thanos is then rewarded with the Soul Stone.

While Maw is torturing Strange to try to get the Time Stone, Stark and Peter hatch a plan to save Strange by sucking Maw out of the ship (“have you seen the movie Aliens?”). After killing Maw the three of them decide that it would be best to just continue to Titan to fight Thanos there. When they arrive, they meet the Guardians and make a plan to try to stop Thanos.

After the Avengers arrive in Wakanda, ships show up with an army led by Midnight, Glave, and Obsidian, and a battle ensues. Meanwhile, back on Titan, Thanos shows up and explains that he wants to kill half the universe because the universe is threatened with overpopulation and if he doesn’t kill half of the universe, everyone will die just like what happened on his home-world, Titan. This to me, earns Thanos the title of “The Mad Titan” because with all the Infinity Stones you basically become a god and could do whatever you wanted. So Thanos could literally just make more food/resources for the beings of the universe. He could also make more planets that could hold life on them or he could lower the birth rate on every planet or literally anything else. But no, his solution is to just kill half of the life in the universe. Just to be clear, I am not criticizing this in any way. The point is for Thanos’ plan to not make sense because the only person it has to make sense to is Thanos because he is insane. Thanos ends up fighting Stark, Parker, Strange, and the Guardians and defeats them, injuring Stark pretty bad. Before Thanos is able to kill Tony, Strange makes a deal to save his life. He gives Thanos the Time Stone.

Thor makes his new weapon, Stormbreaker, by doing the most badass thing ever, he takes a star beam to the chest. After making the weapon, Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive in Wakanda to help with the battle. Midnight, Glave, and Obsidian are killed along with most of their army. Thanos shows up and kills Vision to get the Mind Stone and complete his Infinity Gauntlet. Thor then attacks Thanos and severely wounds him with Stormbreaker (yes, even with the completed Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos nearly gets killed by Thor, making Thor even more of a badass). Thanos then snaps his fingers and wipes out half the universe, and killing Bucky, Falcon, Drax, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Peter Quill, Mantis, Groot, and Spider-Man. In the post-credit scene, it is also reviled that Maria Hill and Nick Fury are killed as well.

My death count, not counting villains in the movie, is 15 confirmed deaths along with half of the universe (so technically trillions are dead).

I was shocked to say the least. Like most people, I thought that Cap or Iron Man would die, but that didn’t happen at all. It was a blow to the gut to see some of these characters die, but it was a real ballzy move and I’m really impressed that they took it. I was also socked that they let Thanos win. Sure, everything will probably get fixed in Avengers 4, but for right now, Thanos has won. I was really glad that they made this the Thanos movie. It was really nice to see a villain get a lot of real development for a change and I really hope that Marvel continues to do this with all of their big villains going forward. I would have liked to have gotten more time with Ebony Maw. I felt that he was a really great character that was used really well up until he died and I feel like they really could have used him more. As far as our heroes not getting much development in this film, they really didn’t need it, they have had several movies to all get developed and I really don’t think they could get much more developed any more than they already have. All in all I really did love this movie and I am really looking forward to seeing Avengers 4 to see how this all plays out.


My Thoughts on Where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Going

Obviously, most of our heroes won’t stay dead for long. Spider-Man and Black Panther both already have new movies announced and even though they could probably give the mantle of Black Panther to someone else and bring in Miles Morales to be the new Spider-Man, I really don’t think they will. Most likely someone will get the Infinity Gauntlet and reverse everything that Thanos has done. It’s pretty safe to say that we will being seeing all of our heroes return next year.

As for the post-credit scene, like half of the people who watched the premier with me Thursday night didn’t have a clue who Nick Fury was sending that distress signal to, which kinda surprised me. He was trying to contact Captain Marvel, who is getting her own movie next year set in the 90s and rumored to introduce us to the Secret Invasion story line and the Skrulls from Marvel comics. She is also going to be in Avengers 4. It seems that she will have a large role to play in defeating Thanos and undoing everything that he has done.

It’s hard to say what will happen after Avengers 4 hits theaters. All we can really do is wait and see.

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