Molly’s Game: Jessica Chastain delivers her A-game

Molly's Game

Molly’s Game is a film written and directed by Aaron Sorkin (writer of The Social Network, The West Wing) based on the book by Molly Bloom.

Upon the opening of the film, the audience is introduced to Molly Bloom, an Olympic skier who sees her dreams dashed by an injury- leaving her looking for other opportunities elsewhere.

Through a series of events, she begins to run an exclusive high-stakes poker game- filled with Hollywood actors, businessmen, and even the Russian Mob. Her popularity leads to becoming a target for the FBI, and when she needs the assistance of an attorney, she turns to Charlie Jaffey (played by Idris Elba).

What makes this movie so great is two-fold: the script and the cast!

The script is sharp, witty, dramatic, and emotional- it sets you on this journey through this woman’s plight- and it doesn’t let you go until the end!

This cast is superb: Jessica Chastain delivers an A-game performance, Idris Elba holds his own alongside her, and the addition of Kevin Costner as Molly Bloom’s dad just seals the trifecta of brilliance!

My rating: 5 reels out of 5.


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