Death on the Nile… an Enjoyable Time at the Movies.

Tonight I had the opportunity to see an early access showing of the new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel “Death on the Nile,” Kenneth Branagh’s followup to the 2017 Christie adaptation “Murder on the Orient Express.” In this Hercule Poirot mystery, a train in a snow storm is traded in for a cruise along the Nile, and Mr. Poirot has another murder so solve. So, did this adaptation live up to the reputation of the Queen of Mystery? The answer, in my own opinion, is most definatly yes, even if it may not be the best out there.

The entire time the film was on the screen, you can feel Mr. Branagh’s love of the genre and the character of Hercule Poirot shines through i this film from start to finish. I will say that at times there are atempts at developing the character more that for me falls flat, but that does not take away from the the obvious care that Branagh shows in his acting and in his directing. This is a man who loves this character and loves a good mystery and wishes to make a good movie.

Perhaps it is just the egyptian setting and the classic murder mystery genre, but this film gives me the feels that classic cinama gives me. At the same time it feels very modern in a good way. The film was not made just for the sake of making like so many movies today. There is a quality in this film that you only get from a team that enjoys making films. That is not to say that this film is without flaws, but they are flaws that I can overlook and completely forget about. Overall, the film is visually beautiful to my eyes and I found it a plesure to watch from beginning to end.

Everyone in the film plays their characters perfectly. It is rare that a film has a star studded cast such as this where everyone gives their all. The cast all know what kind of movie they are in and play their roles in a way that will keep you guessing. Standouts for me would probably be Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Tom Bateman, and Russell Brand.

Overall, I have to say that Kenneth Branagh’s “Death on the Nile” might not ever be considered a “classic” like previous Agatha Christie adaptations, nor will it probably be remembered as a fantastic film, if it is even remembered at all. But I do have to say that I found that “Death on the Nile” is a fun time at the movies for anyone who is a fan of the murder mystery genre.

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